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Celebrating The Chinese New Year? Five Dishes To Inspire Your Palate

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Tukata created five different dishes that can easily be replicated. She used ingredients she had on hand and created some truly magnificent plates.

The first one she made was a tangy aubergine, black bean and tofu fry. After she sautéed the veggies she added her own spice mixes with honey, and soy sauce and a little broth and, this was the result! A healthy Chinese dish with a major dose of flavor.

The second dish she prepared was an omelette with some of the left over veggies she previously used. Again, she added her spice mix to create a really luxurious tasting omelette. When eaten, she sprinkles one of her chili sauces over the top to boost the flavor, but without it it’s still subtle and fresh.

The third dish she made was steamed choy sum that she then drizzled with the sauce that she had added to the first veggie dish. A great addition to any main course meal.

After the choy sum she made an unbelievable bento box with rice, steak, a dash of omelette, the veggie fry and choy sum. She had extra rump steak on hand that she then braised in the same sauce as above. The red meat gave it a whole new, flavor that had this new element of depth to it.

Her final dish, and perhaps the most beautifully prepared, was a curried lobster fry with thinly sliced red peppers, onions and pieces of tofu placed delicately onto chinese angel hair pasta. It was absolutely divine. The curried lobster was unexpected and I could feel my mind having a hard time deciphering wether it was salty or sweet, then the add flavor of turmeric made for an eating experience that you sort of just had to sit and enjoy. You know you’re eating something special when it stops and makes you pay attention to it. You can’t jabber your way through it.

I hope you get some great inspiration for your Chinese New Year celebration!

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