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Born in Bangkok, Tukata was the eleventh of twelve children. Tuk's mother, Thien Tong (Golden Candle), was always a bright light of inspiration and wisdom in her daughter's life. Growing up in the 1940's, when the war was racing across Europe and the Far East, she was trained in the Thai Royal Household by her aunt who was a chef there. It was here where Tuk learnt the art of pounding, chopping and grinding Thai herbs and spices. Tuk's knowledge and wisdom of Thai cooking, takes in three generations of expertise and, with a passion for creativity and a vision for a healthier life, her cooking reflects this. It's fair to say her love of food is one ingredient that gives her family recipes a life of their own.


Tuk had a passion for local organic food and being surrounded with local farmers, made her anxious to experiment and adapt her original style of Thai food using local produce.

Although in 1987 the British public were familiar with Indian and Chinese food, Tuk found that consumers generally had little knowledge of Thai food. With love and support from her husband, 1994 saw the arrival of a new style of restaurant; Mai Thai Supermarket and Noodle House. There she would cook in an open kitchen (a challenge that many chefs shy away from even today) to show customers how Thai people prepared and served Thai food.


When the Noodle Shop closed, Tuk found herself inundated with requests from her customers saying how much they missed her style and taste of cooking, begging her to do something else so that they could eat her food again. Tuk no longer wished to stay in the restaurant business but knowing what her customers liked best, she began making her sauces and pastes at home in her kitchen – thus Tuk Tuk Foods was born.


In 2004, she entered the renowned Guild of Fine Foods' Great Taste Awards and won several Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for her dips and sauces. Having spent the past 2 years researching, testing and of course cooking, Tukata has returned, and in addition to her existing award winning collection, developed a range of new products, services and recipes which are true to Thai taste.

Where It All Began

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