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Thai Chicken Curry

Chicken curry with peppers and aubergine. 


Tom Ka Gai

Spicy coconut soup with chicken, galangal, coriander and chill


Pork Meat Loaf

With fried potatoes and white wine cream sauce


Pad Thai

Stir fried noodles in tamarind sauce, roasted peanuts, spring onions and bean sprouts with chicken or beef. 


Moroccan Lamb

Grilled Moroccan Lamb with couscous and mixed grilled vegetables 


Pork Medallions 

Pork Medallions in a white wine cream mustard sauce served over mashed potatoes and long beans. 


Italian Rump Steak

Italian rump steak served with tomato and basil sauce, capers and olives. Served with a potato cake. 


Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

Emma, NYC

Love the curry


Rob, London

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